Online Courses

The Academy's Vision

The Academy's mission is to facilitate NICU learning for RT's who want to learn NICU but have no way to do so. Our vision was to do live training with hands-on workshops. CoVid foiled those plans, so for now we are doing all we can to get you the best training online. Our original plan looks like this:
Session 1 : Topics for NICU beginners
Session 2: Topics for RT's who float to NICU occasionally and want to keep up their skills
Session 3: Topics for Seasoned NICU RT's who want to further their career with updates on best practices in all things NICU.
The live sessions will include hands-on workshops, where you can practice putting equipment together and administering surfactant - things that
require some practice!
Our vision is that a NICU newbie can take all 3 sessions and hold a certificate that a manager would feel that you are prepared to work with a preceptor in NICU.
It is NOT necessary to take all 3 sessions, just take what you need.
RN's are welcome to join as well!
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